Understanding Auto Shipping Quotes

Understanding Auto Shipping Quotes


Upon typing in a simple search to Google for “auto shipping” you will quickly discover that there is a variety of carriers and brokers available to ship your car – often providing instantaneous quotes and requiring a partial deposit in order to get the ball rolling. Many of these online firms are exactly that – 100% online brokerages that are simply a middle man who then seeks out and locates a carrier for you. They only make money by charging you a higher premium than what a carrier would accept to ship your automobile. Along with higher premiums. comes a plethora of “guarantees” and “money back promises” that are nothing more than a scam to get you to feel as though your getting a great deal.

At the end of day what actually works is summed up in one key word. Honesty. The majority of your outlets are going to do everything they can to get you into a contract, and promise you a number of things to make that happen. The reality is that these firms are typically in no position to keep those promises. Auto shipping occurs on a very volatile landscape – prices can rapidly change due to weather, construction, fuel costs, the period of the week, the type of car, delivery or pickup deadlines, the number of carriers available in the area, and other unforeseen events in the market place. The going price today – might not be the going price tomorrow.

So what’s the solution? The solution is that you speak with someone who is honest and up front with you about the shipping of your auto. Depending on your specific requests and desires, a price range may vary between $1-300. Can we attempt to find a carrier at a very low quote that you received from another firm? Yes we can. Does that mean the car will be picked up right away? No it does not. What one has to understand here is that there are no special tricks or secret methods that will get your auto shipped faster with a different firm – we are all essentially operating off the same one or two private load boards to find reputable carriers. In fact many times a customer will call and get preliminary quotes with two or three different firms, and the same car will appear on a multiplicity of boards for higher and lower prices! Of course in this case the company with the best reputation and the highest paying offer will get the car moved the quickest.

The main goal here should be managing expectations. A realistic approach is what we aim for here at Midwest Exotic Transport – and we hope you take us up on that approach by calling us and scheduling your transport today.


Wes Hopkins

Owner – Midwest Exotic Transport


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